Friday, April 20, 2007

REMNANTS: Violins needed - broken violins, student violins, violins with strings missing....

Okay, the director for our upcoming show has some bizarre ideas.

He wants to try using violins in the show. More for effects than for music making. Like, maybe eight of the darn things? Or more?

We don't want violins that are worth tons of money. Broken violins are fine. Violins with one string. Half-size and quarter-size student violins. Violas.

And a a commensurate number of bows, if possible. Again: cheap, broken, whatever.

None of them can look modern. No chin rests, no plastic, no blue paint, no pickups.


Got one in your storage room? Did Auntie Erma play the fiddle? Got a local musical instrument repair shop you could ask at? Junk stores, anything? We want to borrow (or be given), not to rent: rentals cost too much moolah.

And Herr Direcktor wants as many as possible for the first day of rehearsal. April 30. (But if you read this after April 30, and you might have something for us, IT MAY NOT BE TOO LATE!!!)

Got a fiddle? Got a lead? Email prop mistress Kerri Norris ( or stage manager Lois Dawson (

We'll give you comps. And all our love.



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