Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Defiance, by John Patrick Shanley

Doesn't this look interesting?...

John Patrick Shanley

5 men, 1 woman

“Spellbinding. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but John Patrick Shanley has followed up Doubt, the best play of 2004–05, with a play of identical quality.” —Wall Street Journal. “As thoughtful and probing as Doubt. An arresting, ambitious tale of race relations and the military mindset, filled with the provocative questions and bristling with dialogue for which John Patrick Shanley, a fierce moral sage, is known.” —NY Times. “Thrilling. A lean, powerful fist of a play. With rare compassion, rigor and craft, Shanley again makes a frontal attack on a subject we think we know too well, and proves otherwise.” —NY Newsday. “Riveting. Shanley once again poses aptly thorny questions about faith and loyalty.” —Time Out. “Shanley delivers yet another gripping drama that pushes viewers to the edge of their seats and keeps them thinking long after the show is over.” —Star-Ledger. “An absorbing, thoughtful, intelligent work.” —Variety. “Complicated, exciting and briskly compelling.” —USA Today.

THE STORY: DEFIANCE is set on a United States Marine Corps base in North Carolina in 1971. Two officers, one black and one white, are on a collision course over race, women and the high cost of doing the right thing. This riveting, surprising new work is about power, love and responsibility—who has it, who wants it and who deserves it.


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