Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oct 20 - Nov 18: Kris Knutsen in W(H)ACKED!

Kris Knutsen is a well-known, much-loved pal o' PT. She's managed our box office, apprenticed, and acted on our mainstage. Remember LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC? Colin Thomas wrote;
"Just a year ago, they were junior actors. Now they look a lot like stars. Adam Bergquist and Kris Knutsen, who participated in Pacific Theatre’s apprenticeship program last season, deliver confident, subtle—and ultimately very moving—performances in Arlene Hutton’s romantic two-hander, LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC.... Knutsen has a sly way of letting the sun of May’s smart, adventuresome spirit shine through the bars of her fear and narrow-mindedness.... Pacific Theatre is a Christian company. Perhaps that has something to do with one of their great gifts: they’re not afraid to present innocence on-stage."
Alas, Kris moved back home to Seattle, and (not alas) is currently onstage...

Maybe it's time for a road trip!


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