Saturday, March 10, 2007

GRACE Costume Sketches

I'm an actor who loves the physical world of a play. Sets, light, props, and especially costumes give me so much as I build the life of a character. Tangible materials to build the world of the play that I'm going to move into and inhabit. Of course, a tremendous amount of that world is created in the actor's imagination, and re-created or co-created in that of the audience: we can create a world together on a bare stage. But when we're given real, physical stuff by the designers, it does so much to make that world specific, and tangible.

Especially costumes. I show up on the first day of rehearsals with rehearsal costumes I've scrounged on my own, just so I can start living in the skin of the character I'm beginning to embody. And as soon as the costumer adds each new element - a pair of shoes, a belt, a jacket, whatever - I beg to use it in rehearsal from then on. Now bear in mind, I weather a good deal of mockery for these indulgences, but for me it pays off.

I love costume designers.

Thought it'd be fun to offer you a sneak peek at Francesca Albertazzi's GRACE costumes. Here are her preliminary renderings...


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