Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grace talkback, TWU

Great experience today. Each Friday the Trinity Western theatre department holds their Integration Forum, where all the theatre department folks gather to hear guest speakers, kick around matters of faith and art, all that. Today, three of the cast members of GRACE, plus director Angela Konrad (who chairs Theatre at TWU) and yours truly. Best talkback I've ever been part of (though we had some extraordinary ones after PRODIGAL SON) - a full hour and a half talking about the play itself, how it does what it does, what we make of it, all that. Substantial, thoughtful - really enhanced my appreciation of the play.

One student shared a favourite book of poetry with me following the session, and showed me one poem in particular that ties in to the play. Absolutely. Here's an excerpt...

Pry Me Off Dead Center

O persistent God,
Deliver me from assuming your mercy is gentle.
Pressure me that I may grow more human,
Not through the lessening of my struggles, but through an expansion of them
That will undamn me
And unbury my gifts.

From Guerrillas Of Grace: Prayers For The Battle
by Ted Loder


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