Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Returning Vancouverite Loves GRACE

Our Box Office Received this E-mail about Grace:

I am a Vancouverite who just returned home after living and working in Toronto for three years. As an actress, I took advantage of the constant stream of theatre to be seen in Toronto, some amazing, some less impressive, but each a valuable experience in some form. As a bit of a welcome home my best friend (who rarely goes out to see theatre) got us tickets to see Grace last night. We were both blown away. From opposite ends of the spectrum - from someone who sees a lot of theatre to my friend who doesn't gravitate towards it much - we met on a common ground of astonishment after your production. Every actor served the story and its believability entirely.

What a brave endeavour by all to house the Canadian premier of this play in a theatre with a Spiritual/Christian mandate. Thanks for one of the most incredible theatre experiences I've had yet and for such an impressive re-introduction to theatre in my hometown.


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