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Pacific Theatre’s 2007-2008 Season Screams Blockbuster & Popcorn with its “PT Goes to the Movies” Theme

Pacific Theatre’s 2007-2008 Season Screams Blockbuster & Popcorn with its “PT Goes to the Movies” Theme

Vancouver, BC – April 17, 2007 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)

Pacific Theatre is thrilled to announce its “PT Goes to the Movies” 2007-2008 subscription season – a blockbuster year of five arresting Mainstage productions and three powerful Second Stage events. Spanning 500 years and crossing the Atlantic, Pacific Theatre’s 24th season promises a wide range of soul-searching stage plays, that are also screen-plays, at astonishingly low subscription prices.

Artistic Director Ron Reed is pleased to have reunited a long history of talented company members for the 2007-08 season, having hand-picked plays with specific actors in mind. This season also looks forward to the development of a number of new plays, and is anticipating numerous world premieres for its 2008-09 season. The 2007-08 season includes:

I ain’ no dog and I ain’ no chile and I ain’ jes a back of the neck you look at while you goin’ where you want to go.
By Alfred Uhry
October 11 – November 10 (opens Oct.12)

“The comedy that won a Pulitzer Prize.”
Atlanta, 1948. On the verge of the Civil Rights upheaval, an aging Jewish widow – “stubborn as a small-eyed needle and independent as the Statue of Liberty” – reluctantly surrenders the driver’s seat to Hoke Coburn, a proud, soft-spoken black man and a Southern Baptist who over the course of 25 years becomes not only her chauffeur, but, against all odds, her best friend.

Featuring Tom Pickett and Erla Faye Forsyth, Paul Moniz de Sa. Sarah Rodgers, director.

Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?

By Steve Murray
November 29 – December 29 (opens Nov.30)

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! How could it be anything else?

It’s Christmas Eve in a wartime New England town. Despairing over a life of compromise and dreams deferred, George Bailey sets out to throw himself from a bridge – until a dotty angel-in-waiting shows him what might have been. A single actor brings 35 characters to life in this imaginative tour-de-force. A beloved holiday with a theatrical twist.

Featuring Dan Amos. Morris Ertman, director.

And when the last law was cut down and the devil turned round on you, where would you hide, the laws all being flat?

By Robert Bolt
January 24 – February 23 (opens Jan.25)

Produced by Midnight Theatre Collective
When Henry VIII sets out to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boelyn, he seeks the support of England’s Lord Chancellor – revered scholar, lawyer, and churchman Sir Thomas More. More’s quiet defiance ignites a ferocious battle between church and state, faith and politics, as he struggles to avoid the dreadful, inevitable choice – between King and conscience, loyalty and martyrdom.

Featuring Ron Reed, Damon Calderwood, Dirk Van Stralen, Julia Mackey, Adam Bergquist. Jeremy Tow, director.

A long time ago, I was sent far away. When they let me come back, all my friends were gone.

By Steven Fechter
April 3 – April 26 (opens Apr.4)

“An unforgivable act. A chance to start over. A fight for redemption.”
Walter is guilty of the unpardonable: he is a pedophile. Returning home after twelve years in prison, he attempts to forge a new life – to restrain his darkest impulses. Every minute of every day. For the rest of his life.

Featuring Dirk Van Stralen, Rebecca deBoer, Michael Kopsa, and Camille Beaudoin. Morris Ertman, director.

Tony’s too nice a boy to wake up twenty years from now with nothing in his life but stocks and bonds. Mixed up and unhappy, the way you are.

By George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart
May 15 – June 14 (opens May 16)

“You’ll love them all for giving you the swellest time you’ve ever had!”
It’s the middle of the Great Depression, but there’s nothing depressing about life in the Vanderhof-Sycamore household – they dance, they make plays, they make music and babies and revolutionary tracts, and fireworks in the basement. All is peaceful anarchy until Alice, the white sheep of the family, brings home her all-too-ordinary Wall Street boyfriend…

An Emerging Artist Showcase / Theatre at TWU Co-Production. Ron Reed, director.


By Reginald Rose
September 19-22

“Life Is In Their Hands – Death Is On Their Minds! It explodes like 12 sticks of dynamite!”

Twelve men are corralled in an over-heated jury room, their guilty verdict stalled by the lone juror who feels there may be "reasonable doubt." An open and shut case escalates into a searing examination of conscience. Staged reading - five performances only!

Featuring Michael Kopsa, Ron Reed, Tim Dixon, Francis Boyle, Frank Nickel, Steve Waldschmidt, J.P. Allen, David Nykl. Ian Farthing, director.

Hilarious, at-the-movies-themed comedy, clad in all the chaos of a Hollywood dressing room. Let the melodrama begin!
February 28 – March 1

A Pacific Theatre Tradition
This evening of stories, songs, comedy, and nostalgia will feel like the live version of an evening watching your Christmas-time favourites on TV.
In the City at Pacific Theatre – Dec. 9-10
Benefit Performance for Holy Trinity – Dec. 11
In the Valley at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium – Dec.15

Nov.6, Dec.4, Feb.19, Apr.22, Jun.10

How does a play become a film? How does a film become a play? Artistic Director Ron Reed is joined by PT artists and film industry professionals in hosting a series of interactive evenings that explore the relationship between these unique story-telling mediums.

Brian Mix, Artistic Director
Oct.4, Feb.17, May 25

A new chamber music series on the Pacific Theatre stage. Three concerts of music connected to the themes, characters and settings of the season’s plays, performed by some of Vancouver’s finest classical musicians.

Pacific Theatre continues to make excellent professional theatre accessible with remarkably affordable subscriptions starting at only $55 for four shows. Pacific Theatre has also launched new and improved websales – buy all your single tickets online at


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