Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oct 25 - Nov 10: Kyle Rideout in The Stone Face

Kyle Rideout is a regular at PT - true blue fans will remember him from HALO, BEGGARS AT THE WELL OF IMMORTALITY and... Hmm, I think there's something else as well? Certainly we see him around the place plenty, he was Romeo at Bard this summer, you'll see him on most Vancouver stages sooner or later. Next up for Kyle, a show that you might as well consider an adjunct to Pacific Theatre's "movie season" (also featuring Terence Kelly, who we got to know on TWELVE ANGRY MEN), with Mr Rideout appearing as none other than Buster Keaton in...

The Stone Face
by Sherry MacDonald
A play about Buster Keaton, Samuel Beckett and a film called Film

Oct 25 - Nov 10

Starring Alex Diakun, Allan Zinyk, Terence Kelly, Anna Hagan and Kyle Rideout
Directed by Kevin McKendrick
Waterfront Theatre
1412 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

Presented by Damfino Theatre


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