Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fringe: Frank Nickel "Caught In The Act!"

We've got some new folks at Pacific Theatre this fall, one of whom is Frank Nickel. He's our new production manager, also tackling whatever other areas he darn well feels like. He'll be producing our SIDE SHOW: NIGHT AT THE IMPROV, working with Dan Amos on financial management, helping our computers stay healthy and all kinds of good stuff.

Fact is, the boy's also an actor! An SFU grad and founding member of Genus Theatre. Who happen to have a wild and wacky show (utterly without redeeming social value, I'm hoping) in The Fringe.

Here's their data. Check it out!


Genus Proudly Presents our Fringe Festival debut...

Have you ever...

Been the victim of a particularly embarrassing restaurant birthday song?

Had to talk your way out of getting arrested?

Been brutally snubbed by a yuppy hostess at a dinner party?

Witnessed a horrible accident and just had to stay and see how it all
turned out?

If so, this is the show for you!

Genus Theatre Company invites its faithful following to enjoy the
spectacle as it looses its Fringe Fest virginity with its fifth
original production. Caught in the Act explores the lurking
exhibitionist in us all. It is an examination and celebration of all
those moments where theatre and the pedestrian collide. Some of us
will do whatever it takes to get noticed. Caught in the Act presents
a sometimes hilarious, often uncomfortable voyeuristic glimpse in the
mirror. Be sure to catch this showcase of all of life's long running,
never billed, but always entertaining performances.

Georgia Straight Stage 4 - The Waterfront Theatre
Fri. Sep 8, 11:00 PM
Sat. Sep 9, 9:00 PM
Tue. Sep 12, 5:15 PM
Wed. Sep 13, 10:15 PM
Fri. Sep 15, 5:00 PM
Sun. Sep 17, 9:00 PM

Tickets for the Vancouver Fringe are $10 and can be purchased by
contacting Festival Box Office by phoning 604-257-0366, online at, or at the door on the day of the show.

For more details or to view a trailer for the show visit our website
Want to know what Victoria Fringe audience members have been saying
about Caught in the Act? Read on!

"Hilarious, bizarre, extravagant and uniquely able to tap into my funny

"I laughed - hard, so hard in fact that I cried - more than once!
They're quirky, clever and downright frivolous."

"I must put this show in my top five. The comedy is sharp, the writing
is tight and the film pieces are a great way of fleshing out the

To read more audience reviews visit and click
on the "CRAIG ONLINE" newspaper icon in the green sidebar.

We hope you can join us for this newest Genus concoction.
Good times and laughter be with you.

Genus Theatre


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